Parents’ Evening 17th Jan 2017 (4.30-6.30pm)

Please book your slot through the links on the email sent recently.  If you’re having difficulties, please let us know and we’ll do it from school.

Experience of Work

We are inviting adults connected with the school to host or accompany pupils on work experience placements. The values of work are instilled in our children from Reception through to Year 12.  Every pupil in the school is supported to value their strengths and have pride in their abilities.  The experience of work ensures a greater understanding of adult life and supports the transferable skills of schooling into working life.  We need your help to change attitudes and develop better societal values concerning the abilities in disability.  Let us know how you could take part in short-term and/or longer-term projects.

Securing Good Mental Health

This term, we will be raising our school community’s awareness of sustaining good mental health.  In doing so, we will be asking pupils and adults to consider strategies for achieving ‘mindfulness’ and how to look after, and sustain, our own wellbeing.

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