Awards for Children in School

Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards
We have a system of rewarding children's hard work, effort and achievements in the form of certificates. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Headteacher's and Governors' Awards are presented in each Friday morning assembly. The pupils are also given metal badges with the level of award to proudly wear on their jumpers and blazers.

Reading Awards
Upon reading 7 books (or discreet chunks of texts for older pupils) certificates are awarded to celebrate the importance of reading at The Collett School

Pencils and certificates for Excellent Attendance, and Improved Attendance are given out to pupils with outstanding punctuality and getting to school every day (and those with superb efforts, particularly when affected by operations and significant illnesses).

Children's Awards

Dragon's Apprentice
In 2016, The Collett School pupils won the area trophies of
for their work in raising the most money for a charity and, for their overall successful planning and execution of a business plan.

Prince's Trust National Award for Community Partnership Work
With local young adults, The Collett School project for writing and illustrating books for pupils with complex reading difficulties beat all other teams across the country and took the award for Community Partnership work.

Flynn is honoured by the stars at Battersea

Flynn, the Collett dog, was honoured by the stars of TV and radio at a glitzy award, Collars and Cuffs at Battersea Cats' and Dogs' Home, November 2016. He was a star of the show, where re-homed dogs and cats were proudly celebrated for their new working lives. Flynn of course, is at The Collett School each day and listens to children read, helps them overcome difficulties and works as a therapy dog. He is one of the family!

Local and National Adults' Awards

Silver Teaching Award for Excellence in Special Needs
Our Headteacher was a winner of the silver award in 2016 and runner-up to the national award.