CAPPS - Designed in school, written by our teachers and tracked against national data

CAPPS was created using a range of assessment systems in place and, with the determination to create a bespoke system that enabled us to track the progress of our pupils from Reception to 6th form and beyond into college/ the workplace.

It has been verified as 'excellent' by numerous sources, including practising Ofsted inspectors, as it uses data sets from both mainstream schools and special needs schools to create rigour and robust triangulation with the National Curriculum, External Examination Specifications and the values parents, staff and employers have for the world of work.

This first document outlines what CAPPS is and how it works:

The CAPPS phases are groups of CAPPS points. The document below outlines the expectations and generic understanding of children working in these phases and the language we use to differentiate and promote progress:

This document explains our marking policy, which we call 'feedback' to children. Our marking is designed to clearly signpost next steps in learning, rather than the non-descriptive words like 'good work' or 'well done' being used without a context for development.