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Herts SEND Local Offer your one-stop shop for information, support, services and activities available for children and young people with special educational needs, and their families.

Discover more with this presentation, which contains information for parents and carers of young people with SEN. It sets out specific learning pathways that are available for such students when they leave school and are considering going to one of the four FE colleges in Hertfordshire:

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Careers Week - January 2018

We focused on our future careers and played host to a range of talks from different people giving us an insight about their profession.

Our youngest class, Robins, walked around the school asking members of staff, such as our caretaker Mr Vaughan, about their jobs.

Linden filled in their own interview sheets and discussed what their favourite jobs were, and Mahogany got very hands on and helped about the class, assigning each other to jobs such as feeding their animals, laying tables and also washing up.

Meanwhile, in upper school, Sandalwood discussed their skills and qualities and each wrote a written piece on why they wanted a certain job when they were older. It turned out many wanted to be YouTubers! Redwood learnt the dos and don’ts of interviews and practised with some role playing tasks.

Staff from Warner Bros Studios arrived on Friday, with Amy speaking about her experience as a PR apprentice and Matt talking about his route from the tour shop floor to the office. Amy’s advice was simple: “You don’t have to know what you want to do.” Today, Amy liaises with press juggernauts such as The Daily Mail and Forbes to show off the Leavesden tour in all its glory.

Earlier in the week, Mrs Sewell’s husband Mark had visited to show off his firefighting gear. Mark, who works with the London Fire Brigade, gave many of our pupils a chance to try on his kit, including Liam from Redwood (main picture above).

Our very own dinner lady Mrs Bowlzer also spoke to the children about her experiences and career path, and our pupils had also had a chance to hear about many other professions, including doctors, builders, beekeepers and police officers. Zsofia in Robins even wanted to be a headteacher - watch out, Mr Hoult-Allen!

Careers Week Gallery - January 2018

The World of Work and Employability

We ensure our pupils are prepared for the world of work through effectively managed work experience placements, extended work experience and informed choices Post 16.

See how well our work experience programme works under the Gatsby Benchmark standards:
Gatsby Benchmark

Strategic Development of Pupils' Employment and Work

Lower School
  • Learning about people who do different jobs
  • Role Play
  • Travel training
  • Learning about time - future and history

Middle School
  • Learning about careers and types of employment
  • Embarking on self evaluation
  • Being taught about jobs and careers
  • Travel training
  • Time and relevance to the individual and others
  • PSD - personal presentation and hygiene
  • Transferable communication skills and how we communicate to different people in different roles
  • Societal expectations

Upper School
  • Making decisions on types of work and careers that interest them and
  • Experiencing work
  • Reflection on skills and refinement of thinking through CV writing to present themselves effectively
  • Creating a portfolio of skills and business enterprise activities to take to interviews
  • Doing things to find out about jobs and careers e.g. college placements, job centre visits, job searches, research
  • Mock interviews
  • Undertaking applications
  • Money
  • Learning about tax, salaries, insurances, bills, credit and debit
  • Travel training

Activities Undertaken to Advance Employability

We Attend Careers Skills and Fairs
We attend careers fairs, World Skills at the Excel Centre, NEC Skills Show and DESC job's fair in February each year. The World Skills fair at Excel Centre has a great website for further information.

We Have Careers Talks
We use Amazing Apprenticeships to do talks in school and Central London Careers Hub to access information and talks to our pupils about opportunities. This is for Year 9 pupils and upwards.

Barclays Life Skills are one of the employment career sites we regularly use.

National Careers Service offers information and support and, we also use Careers Box and the Apprenticeships website.

Warner Bros. Studios, based in Leavesden, are closely associated with our school. Other than helping us through fundraising efforts, Warner Bros. are dedicated to providing work experience opportunities for our students and sending staff to give talks on their career paths, be it in retail on the shop floor, PR or operations.

During our Careers Week in 2018, many other people from different professions came in to present their work:
>Dacorum Borough Council's Environmental Officer, Holly Butterworth
>London Fire Brigade Firefighter, Mark Sewell
>School Chef, Tracey Bowlzer
>Caretaker, Mr Vaughan

We have had visits from other companies, workshops and fairs, including:
>Metrobank workshops
>Milton Keynes Careers Fair
>Youth Mentoring Programme
>Little Thatched Roof Company
>'Pre-Apprenticeship in Social Care' by Chantelle Nolte
>Will Lee, Wood Carver
>Kelly Fox, Donkey Sanctuary Leader
>Carrie Gohl, Horse Care

We Have CV Workshops
On our Link Course with College, pupils complete a CV and reflect on their experiences.

We undertake Mock Interviews
As part of the Link Course, all the pupils undertake mock interviews. When attending Work Experience, we also arrange interviews for pupils to undertake.

Kooth is a good free online website for support and counseling. and the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) supports young engineers and scientists across the UK. Our project with Airbus and North Herts College took greater shape in 2017.

Mentoring with an Employee
This happens on an individual level with pupils looking to work in particular industries. We find this helpful for the pupils to develop a wider understanding of the specifics of jobs and engage the child in an area of their own interest.

Enterprise Activities
Our mobile café is operational at school as of 2017, and is taken out to other partnerships. We do this as our own in-house work experience and development of pupils' understanding of small business enterprises. We have also undertaken several Young Enterprise schemes. More information on Young Enterprise is obtainable from the Young Enterprise website.

Enterprise Competitions
We have been involved in several enterprise competitions, including being part of the winning Prince's Trust National Awards programme in 2015. We also won the Dacorum Dragon's Apprentice Challenge enterprise competition in 2016.

Quality encounters with an employer:
Work experience and the experience of work programmes by The Collett School are designed to ensure a genuine and quality encounter with an employer. We seek to match employers with our pupils carefully to ensure the experience is enriching for both parties. These experiences are with local, national and international employers. We are always looking to support placements and welcome any suggested contacts. Please email us with any contacts, which we will follow up:

It is the school's ambition to support Apprenticeships, providing support for employers and students from The Collett School.

Hertfordshire's Further Education Colleges are:
West Herts College
Oaklands College
North Hertfordshire College
Herts Regional College

The Collett School works with West Herts, Oaklands and North Hertfordshire colleges each week and throughout the school year.

College Link and Work Experience

Pupils attend link courses at our local colleges of further education, giving them the opportunity to experience education in a different environment and to promote the values of learning as young adults. Here pupils learn alongside others with special needs and mainstream students. They spend either an extended morning or afternoon at college for a term to have comparative experiences. The programme is designed to meet a range of learning difficulties and include: preparation for work, basic skills, ICT, media, creative arts and life skills. The purpose of our link courses is also to build the pupils’ confidence in attending college as an intended destination beyond schooling.

Experience of College
Pupils take part in a weekly session at either West Herts College or Oaklands College from Year 9 or 10. This gives them the opportunity to experience the college environment and to become familiar with the courses and opportunities that colleges offer.

In Year 8 (and soon to be Year 7) we have sessions in college including one where their parents/carers are invited to attend in order to develop thinking around the pupils' onward progression and focus the mind in determining their own futures.

Transitions at 16 years old to Colleges of Further Education
Youth Connexions forms part of Hertfordshire County Council’s Services for Young People, and is a service that aims to provide information, advice, guidance, support and personal development opportunities for 13-19 year olds (up to 25 years for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities).

Here is our transition plan for West Herts College:

...and our transition plan for Oaklands College:

Connexions are involved with pupils and their families prior to the end of the statutory school age. Personal Advisers may attend annual reviews and where possible the Connexions Personal Adviser visit the school before the annual review to discuss future career prospects for a particular child. While a pupil displays particular skills or aptitudes, which may lead to employment, every avenue is explored to ensure that the pupil receives appropriate support. This may take the form of attending a variety of enterprises through a Work Experience scheme. The post school placement of a pupil is selected after careful discussions with the parents, Social Worker, Connexions Personal Adviser, and Health Authority representative.

  • Each pupil has a Transition Plan, which sets out the ideas and actions for post school provision.

Work experience is an integral part of the vocational learning followed by pupils in Years 10, 11 (and currently Year 12). Our vocational courses support the child’s broad and balanced curriculum that seeks to broaden pupils’ interests and engagement with the world of work. All pupils are encouraged to make an informed choice of their work experience placement. They each have an opportunity to undertake some community experience or sheltered placements that culminate in the chance to secure a longer placement – these are sometimes paid part-time employment opportunities. We also create extended work experience placements where this is appropriate, meaning children attend work placements to gain work and life skills, whilst undertaken supported programmes of study across work and school.

See The World of Work and Employability section above for more details on the colleges we are linked with and other experience activities we offer.

Post 16

Post 16 Study at The Collett School is part of a collaborative partnership with West Herts College to create a 5-day provision for students with particular vulnerabilities.

What happens on a Post-16 Transition programme with Collett and WHC?

Our two provisions are combined to produce a holistic experience for the individual.

The programme is devised to support pupils leaving LD school provision into college. As such, spending two days with Collett and three days with West Herts College supports the young person transitioning between the two environments and celebrates their embarkation into adulthood.

At The Collett School, we continue to build on the young person's academic progress achieved over their formative years. The focus is on functional skills accreditation to maximize their understanding of functional literacy, functional numeracy and functional IT. We also work to support the young person's engagement in other curriculum areas, notably PE, Travel Training and cookery.

In supporting the young person's transition between school and college are WHC Teaching Assistants who are with them across both venues and across the five day provision. Outstanding, qualified teachers lead the learning in both environments to ensure a personalized and yet, holistic approach to their learning needs are effectively met.

Post 16 CAPPS

Post-16 CAPPS are tailored to the needs of our students, linking and following progress made during KS4. CAPPS is used to effectively baseline students joining us from other schools. Post-16 CAPPS has been created to match our relevant and purposeful curriculum of examination functional skills and the functional life skills that include cooking and travel training.

We have recently extended our CAPPS to specifically cater for our 2 day functional skills provision at Post-16. Everything we do during this time is geared towards our pupils functioning as independently as possible in daily life: our new tailored assessment reflects this in conjunction with the external accreditation we offer.

Post 16 Medium Term Plans