Careers Week - January 2018

We focused on our future careers and played host to a range of talks from different people giving us an insight about their profession.

Our youngest class, Robins, walked around the school asking members of staff, such as our caretaker Mr Vaughan, about their jobs.

Linden filled in their own interview sheets and discussed what their favourite jobs were, and Mahogany got very hands on and helped about the class, assigning each other to jobs such as feeding their animals, laying tables and also washing up.

Meanwhile, in upper school, Sandalwood discussed their skills and qualities and each wrote a written piece on why they wanted a certain job when they were older. It turned out many wanted to be YouTubers! Redwood learnt the dos and don’ts of interviews and practised with some role playing tasks.

Staff from Warner Bros Studios arrived on Friday, with Amy speaking about her experience as a PR apprentice and Matt talking about his route from the tour shop floor to the office. Amy’s advice was simple: “You don’t have to know what you want to do.” Today, Amy liaises with press juggernauts such as The Daily Mail and Forbes to show off the Leavesden tour in all its glory.

Earlier in the week, Mrs Sewell’s husband Mark had visited to show off his firefighting gear. Mark, who works with the London Fire Brigade, gave many of our pupils a chance to try on his kit, including Liam from Redwood (main picture above).

Our very own dinner lady Mrs Bowlzer also spoke to the children about her experiences and career path, and our pupils had also had a chance to hear about many other professions, including doctors, builders, beekeepers and police officers. Zsofia in Robins even wanted to be a headteacher - watch out, Mr Hoult-Allen!

Careers Week Gallery - January 2018