Making an Entrance

Special needs schools can be daunting places for people who've never been to one. The entrance to The Collett School now projects the warmth and creativity that goes on inside the school.

Fundraised through companies and individuals (see Fundraising pages for more information).

Disability Access Improvements

We have disabled access to the school for the first time in our 50 year plus history. Also, we have now installed a disabled access toilet and shower room. We are a site that is climbing into the twenty first century.

Creation of Sensory Spaces

Sensory spaces around the school support children's access to learning through bespoke programmes designed in conjunction with Occupational Therapists.

As we move into the 2018/19 academic year, we are focusing more heavily on sensory spaces and equipment and aim to vastly improve this area of our school.

Medical Needs Catered For

We have over 80 children with medical needs in the school, of whom all require careful monitoring and administration of medication and, specific health needs. Our bespoke medical room is a quiet space designed to best support children's needs as well as being easily accessible in the case of emergencies.
Our bespoke Medical Room

Treehouse Library and Classroom

Our treehouse library and treehouse classrooms were designed by the pupils and built by Blue Forest - all handmade, all bespoke and all beautiful. The School Council decided this type of place would be the best type of learning environment. We agreed.