Donating Money

Every penny of donated money is used for resources for the pupils of the school. No donated money is used for salaries.

You can donate money to the school through the following ways:
  • Sponsoring an existing fundraising event
  • A gift of money, where tax payers can increase their donation by 20% by completing the Giving Form
  • Donating at one of our fundraising and/or school events
  • Setting up a monthly/ annual donation
  • Giving to the school in your will

Click here for the Local Giving page for The Collett School

Click here to email Gillian Lawton to arrange a BACS or cheque donation

Donate your time through volunteering

We often have opportunities for people to volunteer at The Collett School. There may sometimes be a wait to become a volunteer as we are both popular venue for volunteers, though as you will understand, volunteering will take up some adult time as well. Bearing in mind the focus of the school and needs of our children, the pupils come first.

Please be aware that the pupils' safety and protection is always a priority for the school and every volunteer is checked with a police DBS, references are taken up and lists regarding the barring of adults working with children are always accessed for clearance.

We have people volunteering at The Collett School for a variety of reasons:
  • To give something back
  • To see if special needs education is right for them as a career
  • To work on personal development projects, such as writers, artists
  • To get satisfaction from the experience of helping children with disabilities
  • To support children to access the mainstream world through work experiences/ travel training
  • To support the school with their own knowledge and experience - sharing great practices

We host placements for university undergraduates and postgraduates:
  • Student Teachers
  • Trainee Education Psychologists
  • Trainee Occupational Therapists
  • Trainee Music, Art, Movement Therapists and Psychotherapists

Child Protection at The Collett School

Please visit the Volunteering page for more details.

Donating Resources

Furniture and Equipment
The Collett School is certainly not the old stereotype of a cold institutional building. Long gone are the days of apple white walls and cold rooms. Instead, the school embraces a functional approach to life. Everything's about comfort, engagement and giving a homely feel. You may have furniture that needs a new home or lease of life - please see if we can make use of it!

Please contact the school office, or Gillian Lawton.

Raffle Prizes
That unwanted Christmas box or birthday gift you don't really want yourself? Donate it to us today - somebody else is guaranteed to love it!