What is an Annual EHCP Review?

The Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) has replaced the Statement of Special Needs. The EHCP is a Local Authority managed document, where the school captures the views of those engaged with the individual child and makes recommendations. The Local Authority has the 'ownership' of the EHCP and not the school.

Each year, an annual review of the EHCP takes place. These take place for Collett pupils here at the school. They are an informal meeting to capture the views of parents/carers, the child and professionals working with the pupil. For some EHCP review meetings, there will be several people contributing to the plan, for others, it will be a simple updating of information.

Each school may have different procedures and, depending on their age, progress in learning or transitional time to another phase of education, there will be different people attending the meeting.

At The Collett School, we seek to gather views and relevant reports in advance of the meeting, giving families the opportunity to read through these before meeting together to make decisions on the recommendations to the Local Authority about what should be updated.

What you should expect to receive before the meeting

What happens at the EHCP Annual Review Meeting

Who will be at the meeting?

People you have invited to the Review Meeting e.g.
  • Social Worker
  • Pediatrician
  • Respite Carers
  • Community Occupational Therapists
  • Independent (private) Therapists

People invited by the school
  • Speech and Language therapists at Collett, invited by the school where the child is on the therapists' caseload
  • School-based Occupational Therapists, invited by the school where the child is on
the therapists' caseload

The child's class teacher is rarely present because their input is thorough as a result of the report they prepare for the meeting. They also go through the existing plan in detail, to comment on changes that can be discussed and finalized in the meeting.