Who We Are

In a Nutshell:

The Collett Special Educational Needs School for children with Learning Disabilities (LD) aged 4-17 is a happy school with clear leadership, superb values and a great ethos. It is where children's learning is enhanced by excellent teaching within a unique environment that supports each child to thrive. As a result of a personalised curriculum that ensures functional learning skills are used through their experience of work, children take and make opportunities to 'shine' and build the cumulative skills required for an effective transition to adulthood and, to thrive in life!

We are proud to be a Hertfordshire Maintained School; Hertfordshire Local Authority's only all-through Special Educational Needs School for children with Learning Disabilities (LD) and Complex Needs including ASD, MLD and SLCN. Prior to 2011, we were known as a Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD) school, having been built as a special school in 1964. (There are other all-through schools in Hertfordshire, though not in LD provision).

We have superb partnerships with special and mainstream schools, businesses and organisations in our community that are actively engaged to ensure the 'mainstream world' is understood as everyone's world and that we at The Collett School all have a place and an active role to play in it.

  • We are special.
  • We are extraordinary.
  • We are happy.
  • We are proud.
  • We are making a difference.

The Headteacher's Welcome

We love being at school