Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does school start/finish?
    During term time, the school office opens at 8.15am and closes at 4pm.

    The school day for pupils begins at 8.45am, when transport arrives, and ends at 2.30pm. After school clubs finish at 3.30pm.

    The 2018/19 year will begin on Tuesday 3rd September. Monday 2nd is an INSET Day. Autumn half term lasts for two weeks, beginning on Monday 29th October and finishing on Friday 9th November.
  • How much are school dinners?
    Universal Free School Meals (Years Reception, 1 & 2) is free for everyone. A Junior Meal (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) is £2.50. Senior Meals (Years 7 onwards) are £2.65.
  • What email address should I use to contact the school?
  • What after school clubs are there?
    Details of after school clubs are sent out each term. We try to run a club after each school day. All clubs finish at 3.30pm.
  • Where can I buy the uniform?
    Peter Spivey in Hemel Hempstead is our uniform supplier. It can be ordered online via this link or in store.
  • Can you give my child their medication?
    Yes we can. When you bring your child's medication into school we will need you to complete a permission slip and details of when the medication is to be given and how.
  • Can you help me apply for Free School Meals?
    Yes we can. Mrs Panasiuk in the office will be able to complete the application online for you. There is some information she will need but you can provide this over the phone. For example, which benefit you receive, is your annual income less than £16,190 and so on.
  • How do I get transport for my child?
    Please contact County Admissions & Transport on 0300 1234043.