How do we evaluate ourselves?

In evaluating the school provision, we look at the following areas, which are also a focus for Ofsted, HMI and Hertfordshire Local Authority:

  • The Quality of Leadership
  • The Quality of Teaching and Learning
  • Children's Outcomes
  • Children's Welfare and Safety
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural guidance

Within the areas above are key areas we robustly monitor and evaluate:
Child Protection and Safeguarding, Individuals' progress in learning and that of Vulnerable Groups, the effectiveness of teaching, the Quality of Work with our Partners, Finances and Value for Money, Health and Safety,

With rigorous systems of monitoring, evaluating and strong leadership, we are confident we exhibit outstanding practices across these areas and are stretching out to excel in other aspects of our provision.

Our Self Evaluation:
Our Self Evaluation


Outcomes for Year 11 Leavers and the value added to predictions based on starting points:

Baselines to projected outcomes table:

External Reports on The Collett School

Below is our last Ofsted report on The Collett School (February 2018):

For more information on Ofsted Inspections and how the process works, please read the PDF below:

Ofsted inspections of schools have changed for January 2018

Below is the link to Parent View where you can record your views about your child's education at The Collett School and access our inspection reports:
Parent View

Post Collett Destinations

Summer 2018

60% are attending West Herts College
(50% of whom are attending Collett/West Herts College Transition Course)
30% are attending Oaklands College
10% is in work placement

Summer 2017

All pupils on college courses progressed to their second year
One pupil moved to a different college for their second year
All pupils on the Transition course (8) successfully transitioned to college full-time