M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Encephalopathy)

Key Characteristics

A child with ME may:
+Have severe muscle or join pain and headaches that do not respond to painkillers
+ Have erratic sleep patterns
+ Have sore throat and/ or enlarged lymph glands
+ Feel sensitivity to noise, bright light and hot or cold temperatures
+ Lose her/his appetite and have some bowel problems
+ Suffer loss of concentration and short-term memory and word-finding difficulties
+ Become irritable and frustrated
+ Have problems coping with physical activities, such as walking, writing, speaking, singing

Support Strategies

ME sufferers who are severely affected will often need home tuition until able to attend school.
You may need to:
  • Offer part-time attendance
  • Facilitate regular rest periods
  • Provide an adult mentor to list to the child's anxieties
  • Use circle time to explain to others about issues regarding ME
  • Ensure classroom tasks are short and clearly defined