Our Mission is to "Promote the Abilities in Disability"

To support our vision of a world where children and adults with learning disabilities "thrive", our mission is to "promote the abilities in disability" by engaging our communities in embracing 'difference', valuing individuals' worth and ensuring our pupils continue to build self-esteem and self-belief.

How We Seek to Fulfil our Mission

  • We will continue to champion learning disabilities in and outside the school
  • We will continue to grow awareness and understanding of LDD within our community partnerships and businesses to improve our children's chances and opportunities
  • With outstanding care and guidance, we will enable our children to shine in areas they choose
  • We will support each child in building his/her future through outstanding teaching, a personalised curriculum and exceptional support for the family

We work in partnerships and through promotional activities to ensure that when our pupils bump into/collide with/engage with/are immersed in our mainstream world they have the best chance of thriving in it.

We live in a mainstream world but with cognitive disabilities and complex learning needs our children can find things many of us take for granted, a challenge. By promoting the child's abilities, they develop an awareness of their strengths and need to capitalize on these as they transition to adulthood, finding a place in society within which they can excel in.

To do this, we have secured an ethos of happy learners, with exceptional teaching and a curriculum that promotes functional learning skills. Our pupils increasingly take risks in order to develop further independence and make choices for themselves, knowing that in time, these can affect their futures.

Our promotion of our pupils' ABilities is to increase potential employers' awareness of what people with complex learning needs can do, along with Outreach support to companies to support their employees with successful strategies to work well with colleagues with SEND.

Accessability To and Within Our School

At The Collett School, we take accessibility very seriously. In 2016, we had raised enough money through fundraising to create a suitable entrance to the school. For the first time in the school's 50 year history, we have created an accessible entrance for wheelchair users, parents with buggies and the elderly by removing the two flights of steps and replacing it with a gentle slope. As you can see, it is also beautiful! Read on to see where we are continuing to develop accessibility throughout the school: