Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission is to Promote the Abilities in Disability within our immediate, local and wider communities in order that our vision is realised - that our pupils will thrive in life!

Our Values

The ethos of our school is born out of our values:


  • We challenge orthodoxies in teaching
  • We influence others through excellence, based on common-sense
  • We are creative in our thinking and flexible in our approaches
  • We listen
  • We keep growing
  • Worth

  • We engender self-esteem and pride with support for ongoing achievement
  • We celebrate difference
  • We embrace that which is ‘special’
  • We enable opportunities for children to feel a high degree of pride
  • Happiness

  • We exude a zest for life
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We know we have support from each other
  • Independence

  • We support internal rewards, from which to take on new challenges
  • Building trustful relationships and enable children to feel safe
  • We enable children to enquire and develop own interests
  • We communicate pride in difference and uniqueness
  • Respect

  • We work together
  • We build relationships and respect through communication
  • We have humility
  • We engender a family spirit

  • Our Ethos

    In order to thrive in life and achieve the high expectations we also hold of ourselves, we work hard, together and with happiness as part of a community that proudly shines.