Welcome to The Collett School.

Admissions to the school are undertaken through Hertfordshire Special Needs team, who are our admissions authority. Further information on this process is explained here in our Admissions Page

When your child is allocated a place at The Collett School, then we work closely with you and your child's existing school to make the transition to Collett as smooth and careful as possible.

How the Transition is Set Up

After The Collett School is named on your child’s EHCP plan we will be in contact through a letter to confirm a place. Dependent on availability on spaces in the school, we will discuss a starting date with you. At this point, we will work to support your child's transition to The Collett from their current school/home placement.

Our school's transition worker – Mrs Claire Wells – will visit your child in their current setting to meet him/her, the staff in your child's existing school, yourself and any other necessary family members. Transition days will be set up to introduce your child to our school and will likely include a whole school assembly and lunchtimes, or perhaps certain times of the day your child will additional support to access.

You and your child are invited to take photos of the school environment and what interests him/her to discuss over the period of transition. You will also be given a transition pack with photos of the uniform, timetables, teachers and adults you will meet on a daily basis to help familiarise yourself with the school.

Conversations and discussions will take place with a range of professionals - including speech therapists, occupational therapists, current teachers and teaching assistants - to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Each child will have a pupil profile that will enable their class teacher to set up systems to support the child so they follow on from their previous setting.

You and your child will likely visit us three times before starting with us. We have a transition day in July where parents/carers will be provided with a programme of information and support. On this day, your child will go to their new class whilst parents are informed about our school calendar, uniform, trips, assessment and communication channels parents can use throughout the school year.

We recognise that this can be a traumatic time, as well as an exciting one for both children and parents/carers. Please note that we are here to help and support everyone through this transition period and beyond. We've done this a lot and can predict pitfalls and challenges, which we will smooth and ensure all is as comfortable and positive as it can be.

This year, the transition day is July 23rd.