Core Purpose

The Association supports the creation of unique and remarkable schools that collaborate effectively through an ambitious attitude to learning, self-improvement and high standards.

Measuring Impact

Each school uses a basket of measures, linked with national data sets to identify progress; expecting 'outstanding' results over time the schools are measured for their effectiveness through internal and external measures, holding each to account for the quality, impact and value of the provision.

Collaborative Practice

We are equal partners and work collaboratively to establish the best ideas. We sow seeds by grouping people together, establishing multiple aspects of collaborative practices across our schools and share what we learn.

The Association’s School Wide Foci

- Understanding and defining the approach to school improvement
- Developing consistency whilst respecting uniqueness
- Knowing schools well and holding them to account
- Supporting succession planning through the identification of talent, deploying and developing leaders
- Developing a learning culture that permeates all that we do
- Celebrating achievements and progress
- Securing strong governance
- Creating strong and impactful local and national engagement
- To ensure learning for purpose – identifying individuals’ needs, meeting these and expanding opportunities and personal growth with an eye towards success in adulthood
- Providing high quality provisions and value for money

Our Association Work Streams