Ends of Key Stage Data

Progress across the school is now Outstanding.

Progress is measured by CAPPS as part of our basket of assessment measures. CAPPS incorporates external accreditation standards and national data sets are used to determine what is 'expected progress' and exceptional progress when considering the child's starting points and end points between key stages.

Attainment of pupils at the end of Year 11

We measure the progress of pupils and make judgements on their outcomes as a result of progress made from their starting points. Plotted outcomes on a national level provide a context for determining expectations of pupil progress. We convert measurements of external accreditation gained with CAPPS points, to identify the value added to their progress as a result of the provision at The Collett School.

Progress of cohorts 2016-2017:

Historical Data:

Progress of Vulnerable Groups 2015-2016:

Judgments about Historical Data at the End of Key Stages 2013-2015

Judgments about Progress at the End of Key Stages 2015-2016