Difference and Sameness: Value and Worth

As a special school, we no longer offer a bubble of protection from the outside world (and to the outside world!) but embrace the brilliance and challenges of our mainstream world as a place we all reside in. We are a slice of the community and our curriculum works to ensure this slice is seen as part of the whole cake!
A thriving childhood for independence in adulthood

Growing Partnerships

Every one of our pupils shares the status of being a young person with learning disabilities. However, every child is also unique and has a different pathway into adulthood. Our community is as diverse and helping businesses and organisations to see our young people with SEND as employees that will enrich their companies is central to our success as a school.

Hertfordshire Virtual School Partnership

The Hertfordshire Virtual School (HVS) is not a teaching institution but a way of bringing together the information about children who are looked after by Hertfordshire County Council as if they attended a single school.

Each CLA child (Child Looked After) is monitored by HVS through a Personal Education Plan (PEP), which the school prepares each term to report on child’s progress. The designated senior teacher at the school liaises with staff, parents and other professionals (social worker, school nurse etc) to collate substantiated data and description to evidence the educational achievement, attendance and wellbeing of each CLA pupil.

The partnership between our school and HVS aims to ensure that our CLA pupils access high quality education and that there are no gaps in their performance due to being in a disadvantageous position at some point in their lives.

We achieve this by:
  • Expert analysis of child’s educational and emotional needs
  • Providing high quality classroom teaching
  • Planning and delivering additional school based interventions
  • Personalised provision using pupil premium and pupil premium plus
  • Pastoral care that supports development of self-esteem and feeling of being equal

  • The school welcomes support from the HVS staff and values advice and guidance to help our pupils to get the best out of their education. We work in partnership to ensure up-to-date information on educational issues that relate directly to our CLA pupil to assist with their physical, mental and educational development.