Proceure for Sensory Profiling and Identifying Appropriate Waves of Intervention

Identified Already
Where it is identified that a pupil does have sensory needs on their EHCP and goals have been set accordingly, the Sensory Lead Teacher will liaise with parents and the Occupational Therapist to discuss support and interventions for the child.

Initial Observations
Through initial class teacher observations and data analsysi, pupils will be observed reacting to the following inputs:
  • Sound
  • Vision
  • Movement and Body Awareness
  • Taste and Food Preferences
  • Smell
  • Touch - Hands
  • Touch - Body

Stall will record is a pupil appears to react positively or negatively to the above. A Sensory Profile Teacher Questionnaire can be used to help with the initial observations and support provided from The Hive team.

Sensory Assessment
Pupils with sensory profiles that identify obvious and profound sensory needs will have a full sensory assessment. The assessment used will be The Collett School Sensory Checklist, devised by school staff in conjunction with OT support. If appropriate, an additional test, the VMI, will be carried out by the Occupational Therapist.

Areas of very high or very low scores will indicate areas of hyper or hypo sensitivity. Pupils showing such scores will have a Sensory Diet drawn up by the Sensory Lead Teacher, with guidance through Occupational Therapy. The Sensory Diet is likely to address specific issues that affect learning.

Waves of Learning Intervention

Wave 1
Sensory Lead will advise the Class Teacher of strategies and resources to use with the pupil. The Sensory Lead will offer support in developing a behaviour programme that will include sensory strategies.
Wave 2
Pupils will be identified for interventions in The Hive. This will be led by the Sensory Lead Teacher and trained Teaching Assistants. Advice and support will be given by the Occupational Therapist and the class' teacher and TAs will be supported in using identified strategies back in the group.
Wave 3
Pupils will be on the caseload of the Occupational Therapist. The OT will carry out direct interventions with the pupil in addition to school programmes of sensory diets and strategic support. Reports for the EHCP will be conducted by the OT in addition to school reports.

The document below identifies the focus of the waves of intervention: