What Are the Vulnerable Groups?

As we are a school for children with special educational needs, every child is part of a vulnerable group. Some pupils 'belong' to multiple vulnerable groups and this in itself helps us identify the needs of the individual as well as the groups of children with similar needs and difficulties. We look at age and gender, though also these groups of identified children to examine their progress and attainment over each term.

  • Autism
  • Speech and Language Communication Needs
  • Moderate Learning Disabilities
  • Severe Learning Disabilities
  • Social Emotional and Mental Health needs
  • English as Additional Language
  • Black / Multi Ethnicity
  • Children Looked After
  • Post Looked After Children
  • Pupils with complex Medical Needs

Progress Data

In year tracking and monitoring captures progress in November, April and June of each year. The data captured in November requires 25% of the annual target to be met. We know that there is 'slippage' of learning and the re-establishing of groups with new teachers. By Spring data collection points, we expect children to making more progress in their learning (expecting 52% of targets achieved) followed by the summer data point (100% of progress target achieved).

By tracking, monitoring progress of groups and individuals, we can support children with additional help, foci, strategies etc. to be back on track where possible, to make all the points progress required.

Please click to access the Outcomes Data of our vulnerable groups in literacy and numeracy: