Pupil Premium Grants (PPG and PPGPlus)

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is money given to school to raise the attainment and progress of particularly vulnerable children. The groups identified by the Government for PPG are:
  • Children of parents in the services
  • Those accessing Free School Meals now and, those who have in the past 6 years.

See the section below for how PPG money awarded to the school is used to boost the school provisions.

The total received for children accessing the PPG in 2016-2017 was: £59505
The budget for PPG 2017-2018 is: £51,640

The document below details how this money was spent and the plans for spending the 2017-2018 allocation of funds.

On how to apply for PPG, click here to access the Free School Meals page or read the section below. This page will explain what criteria you need to fulfil as well as the relevant documents you will need. You will need to apply for Free School Meals for the school to receive this funding.

Pupil Premium Benefits & How to Apply

Registering for Free School Meals could also raise an extra £1,320 if your child is in primary school or £900 if you child is in secondary school via Pupil Premium Grants.

These funds can be used for valuable extra tuition, additional teaching staff or after school activities.

This additional money is available from central government for every child whose parent is receiving one of the benefits listed on the Free School Meals page.

You can also apply via this link to the gov.uk website.

Please remember: if you were eligible for FSM last academic year your application doesn't renew automatically, you still need to got online and apply.

All children in Reception to Year 2 are eligible for Universal Infant Free School Meals. Once they move to Year 3 you can apply for Free School Meals with the above eligibility criteria.

Year 7 Catch Up Money

The Year 7 Catch Up Money is a sum provided for schools to use in order to help children catch up with learning upon transitioning to Secondary School.

The attached document explains how The Collett School uses this premium to support our Year 7 pupils.