What is SaLT?

NHS Speech and Language Therapists (SaLT) are commissioned by Education to work in special schools in Hertfordshire. Speech and Language Therapists work with our children to support their communication as well as support our staff in developing strategies to maintain practice and progress.

Our SaLT are Lisa Taylor and Richard Martin, based in The Collett School, providing us with 4 days of SaLT provision through the week. Please use the school's main number to contact the therapists. This is 01442 398988

  • Mrs Lisa Taylor (Therapist) Tue/ Wed
  • Mr Richard Martin (Therapist) Wed/Thu
  • Ms Laura Frost (Therapy Assistant) Tue

For more information on Speech and Language Therapy click on the link below:

Systems and Support of Speech and Language Communication We Use at The Collett School


Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order. Although it uses many of the same signs as British Sign Language (BSL), it does not follow BSL's different syntax (word order) and so is more helpful for children and people with learning disabilities.


Elklan is a course that supports adults help pupils to develop their ability to understand, listen and talk. In doing so, the training supports:
  • Understanding about why children have difficulty learning to talk
  • Knowing how to help the pupil understand what is being said to her/him
  • Interaction at an appropriate level
  • Knowing how to help the child develop their communication
  • Changing the way adults speak to pupils with SLCN so that s/he understands more of what is said.
  • Supporting a speech therapy programme the pupil has been given to follow.
  • http://www.elklan.co.uk/


    PECS - Picture Exchange Communication System


    SCERTS - Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transaction Support

    Staff Skills in Speech and Language

    Speech and Language Training undertaken in 2016 included:
    • Blank Level Questions
    • Makaton
    • Visual Coding
    • Shape Coding
    • 1:1 support and guidance with teachers and TAs

    • Work with Interventions to develop general and specific strategies
    • SCERTS