What is ELKLAN?

Elklan is a course that supports adults help pupils to develop their ability to understand, listen and talk.

In doing so, the training supports:
  • Understanding about why children have difficulty learning to talk
  • Knowing how to help the pupil understand what is being said to her/him
  • Interaction at an appropriate level
  • Knowing how to help the child develop their communication
  • Changing the way adults speak to pupils with SLCN so that s/he understands more of what is said

  • and, Speech therapy programmes the pupil has been given to follow.


    ELKLAN: Further information

    In School:
    Miss Turner is our Teacher Lead for ELKLAN in school


    Why is communication training important?
    Everything in education requires communication. If you learn some of the fundamentals of the
    psychology and practice of communication you will discover how small but effective changes can
    make a significant difference to the pupils you teach. This will encourage them to become
    independent learners, reduce frustration and improve behaviour. Elklan provides evidence based
    training for adults to improve communication in all children, especially those with speech, language
    and communication diffculties. Elklan have over 45,000 accredited learners in the UK.

    What is an Elklan Communication Friendly School?
    Elklan Communication Friendly School (CFSc) accreditation is awarded to schools that have trained
    and supported all their staff in communication and language development. They will also have
    shown evidence of embedding this knowledge in targeted interventions and through the
    implementation of a school communication policy. Accreditation can be achieved in one year and is
    renewed after three years.

    Becoming a CFSc involves three elements each of which can be commissioned separately:
  • Lead teachers and teaching assistants are trained
  • Lead teachers train the whole school staff
  • An audit of the embedding of practices and policies in the school is taken

  • What do the staff learn through Elklan training?
    Lead teachers become the school Lead Communication Practitioners (LCPs). They cascade training
    to all staff (teaching, non-teaching, support and administrative) in 5x1 hour sessions over 5 half
    terms to develop and support speech, language and communication throughout the school.

    The sessions cover the following:
  • Understanding communication and interaction
  • Asking effective questions
  • Extending vocabulary
  • Developing understanding and enabling children to ‘Speak Out!’
  • Encouraging expressive language and narrative development

  • The course content has been described by teachers as, “high quality teaching in a nutshell”.
    Training support staff in communication strategies encourages improved behaviour management.