About Us

The Friends of Collett is our school’s Parent Teacher Association and Parent Voice Council.
We decided on ‘Friends of’ as it encompasses other family members and people in our community wishing to support the work of the school in improving opportunities for our pupils.

Download our Welcome Flyer below:

The Friends of Collett is a registered charity (1157000) with three focuses:

PTA (Parent Teacher Association known as The Friends of Collett)

  • To ensure all parents, carers and friends feel welcome as part of The Collett School
  • Annual events with an emphasis on everyone being able to attend and enjoy an event rather than fundraising so as to be more inclusive.
  • Supporting other school events i.e refreshments for school plays, parents’ evenings and sports day.

PVC (Parent Voice Council)
  • Many parents would like to have more of a say in school decision-making but are not sure about the best way to make their voice heard. After all, most of the decisions made by schools affect parents one way or another and so it is only right that they should be able to contribute their views. This should develop a positive partnership between home and school and that this ultimately benefits the children.
  • A parent representative is someone who is nominated/volunteers to liaise between parents and the class teacher or tutor. Representatives can be approached by parents if they have an issue that they would like relayed to the school. On the other hand, teachers may use the class parent representatives as a quick and informal way to reach all parents of children in their class.

Fundraising and Engagement
  • 93% of our school budget from the Local Authority needs to be spent on the higher staff ratios required to support our children with complex learning disabilities make progress. Money, professional trades and support in kind through fundraising enables us to improve our facilities and resources; filling gaps and creating new opportunities . Our work with companies has supported our children in school and, through the valuable opportunities of work experience and employment upon transitioning to adulthood.
  • There is a dedicated team at the school supported by FoC. This team operates across all three schools of the association:

o Gillian Lawton - Head of Engagement & Fundraising (Full time)
o Harry Crawford - Communications & Engagement Officer (1 day a week dedicated to Fundraising)
o Rhea Dickman - Fundraiser (3 days a week)
o Davanna McQueen - Fundraiser (1 day a week)

Fundraising takes many forms. This is not an exhaustive list!
  • Relationships with local and national companies
  • Applications to grants and funds
  • Events such as fire walks, skydives, auctions and charity dinner dances
  • Becoming the Charity of the Year for organisations

Parents and carers are encouraged to attend Whole School assemblies on Friday mornings (and particularly those where their children are undertaking activities/ providing the assembly).

All parents/carers are welcome to the coffee mornings after Friday assemblies once a month.

The Friends of Collett Charity Information

Charity Number: Friends of Collett 1157000

Chair - Helen Land
Vice Chair - Gillian Lawton

Secretary - Caroline Manson
Vice Secretary - Harry Crawford
Treasurer - Rachael Lampey
health & Safety Officer - Jen Sewell
Committee Members - Helen West, Davanna McQueen, Jan Maddern

PTA and PVC Members (including Class Reps)

Lions - Emma Brooks (Parent/Carer)
Tigers - Davanna McQueen (P/C), Harjit Wells (P/C)
Leopards - Helen Land (P/C)
Panthers - Helen Hopkins (P/C), Stacey Fry (P/C)
Cedar - Donna Oxley (P/C)
Fig - Helen Allan (P/C)
Dragon - Jen Sewell (Teaching Assistant)
Spindle - TBA
Rowan - TBA
Sequoia - Kerry Sager (P/C), Tammy Knight (P/C)
Willow – Gunes Koseoglu

The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do
For more information about charity trustees, please click on this link which provides Government advice.

Our PTA Constitution can be found below:

Coffee Cake and Catch Up

Be sure not to miss out on our Friday Coffee Cake and Catch Up Mornings, which are hosted at our school once a month, starting at 9.30am after assembly. Parents/Carers and relatives are all welcome!

Upcoming Fundraising Events - Charity Dinner Dance

Our next dinner dance event will take place in November 2019. Ticket prices TBC. If you would like tickets, a table or would like to donate an auction prize, please contact The Collett School on 01442 398988 or email gillian.lawton@collett.herts.sch.uk

Take a look at previous events in the photo to the right!
PTA Events 2018/19
27th September
Parents' Evening
29th September
Silent Disco
16th October
PTA Meeting @ 12pm
25th October
Halloween Activities Afternoon
13th November
PTA Meeting @ 12pm
24th November
Dinner Dance & Auction, Shendish Manor
1st December
School Christmas Fair
14th December
Lower School Nativity
31st January
Parents' Evening
14th February
Valentine's Disco
(TBC) February
Quiz Night
(TBC) April
Family Event
(TBC) May
Parents' Evening
(TBC) June
Family Camp Out
(TBC) July
(TBC) July
Sports Day
(TBC) July
Transition Day
(TBC) July
School Play