Our School

We understand disabilities and because of this, our teaching focuses on each child's abilities; building on strengths and developing the self-esteem to take risks in learning and new challenges. We use SEND diagnoses as a guide for applying appropriate strategies, though these are only a lens to see the unique young person beneath. As in our home families, we know that warmth, patience and a clear understanding of the 'big picture' is needed to encourage individuality, personality and character that we want to celebrate and embellish.

At The Collett School, we appreciate the mainstream world as something we too exist in; whether out and about on trips, in the morning and at the end of the school day, weekends, holidays and of course at 16 when leaving for college or an apprenticeship. We engage in and with our world throughout the day - ensuring learning builds functional skills, creativity and knowledge to inform choices. We passionately promote the sense of personal value and worth to support each child to confidently take on the challenges and rewards of adulthood.

Learning can be challenging for children with complex needs and cognitive disabilities. Barriers to learning are not easily overcome, but through perseverance, great teaching in an increasingly wonderful environment, these can become less threatening and many overcome. Working together with pupils and their home families to develop independence ensures the highs and lows of learning are set in a context of support, love and enthusiasm, meaning you can take more risks and achieve more over time.
My daughter's thriving at Collett - We're now thriving as a family!
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Our focus:

Our curriculum focuses on:
  • Effective communication
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development of our pupils

We do this by:
  • Teaching the individual to understand the roles they play in groups
  • Ensuring learning is consolidated and built upon with aspiration
  • Developing children's independence
  • Supporting their growth in character
  • Loving and celebrating difference

The changes we make at The Collett School secure what's best for the children. Learning is both fun and yet challenging, inspiring and creative. Children experiment with new ideas, skills and experiences in order to shine and thrive. Parents and family members are always welcome to Collett and are encouraged to share their experiences with others. As such, we feel The Collett,School is a fantastic place to learn, work and 'be'.