External Assessors of The Collett School

Ofsted (February 2014):
  • Teachers have excellent relationships with pupils and create a very positive climate for learning in their classrooms.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is good and they show a good understanding of how to stay safe. Attendance has improved significantly since the previous inspection. Nearly all pupils attend regularly.
  • The headteacher provides strong leadership and direction for the school. He enjoys the full confidence of parents and receives good support from senior leaders and governors. As a result, there has been good improvement since the previous inspection.
  • Pupils make good use of well-chosen resources to support their learning. As a result, they are eager to learn, remain focused on their tasks and do their best.

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National Autistic Society NAS Autism Accreditation (November 2016):
  • The environment at Collett School has changed radically since the last review; creatively redesigned areas to a very high standard with exciting and imaginative developments that have enhanced pupils' learning
  • Respectful relationships adults/pupils, pupils/adults and pupils/pupils
  • There is a sense of family across the school and home
  • There is an exceptionally strong partnership between school and home
  • highly successful positive behavior management
  • Very effective whole staff teamwork
  • Extremely creative and ASD friendly environment

Health and Safety Audit (November 2016):
  • Outstanding


  • "I can do things now that I didn't know how to before"
  • "I was bullied at my old school, but not here. It's good here"
  • "I love my school because I am good here"
  • "I have Williams Syndrome and this school has helped me to succeed"


Parents' comments about the quality of The Collett School:
  • "Happy, enthusiastic, brilliant teachers at The Collett School"
  • "I can't thank the staff enough for what they continue to do for my son and my entire family!"
  • "Best thing I ever did for my family, getting my son into The Collett"
  • "So helpful, so knowledgeable, so blooming brilliant!"
    • Collett is a fantastic school
    • The Headmaster is outstanding

    Parents' comments about The Collett School's work with children with Autism:
    • The teachers are patient and considerate
    • They cater for all his individual needs and quirks
    • My son has hugely complex needs. I think it has taken the school a while to really understand him. But they have!
    • My child is very capable with many new life style skills. Her confidence is growing
    • The happiest, most secure place for my son with people who expect him to succeed and develop
    • The school has always been a huge support to my son
    • The Collett School is amazing. My child has come on so much since starting here
    • My child has been at this school for six years and it has been a pleasure to see him blossom. His needs have always been met by the school and he has always been encouraged to grow

    Parents' comments about communication from The Collett School to home:
    • At all mainstream schools my children have attended, communication has been a big issue, but Collett are fantastic
    • We get regular updates and a plan of the school term so we can talk with our children about their topics
    • There are several ways that my child's school communicated with me, letters home, text and a weekly catch up of all school's achievements and activities by email as well as the daily home-school diary


  • "I wouldn't work anywhere else - I love my job"
  • "Hard work, great rewards!"
  • "I am trusted and I trust the children - it works!"
  • "We focus on what's needed and getting the children to believe in themselves: they do and it makes me personally very proud to be a part of this school!"


  • "I have fallen in love with The Collett School"
  • "Anytime, any place, I'll do what I can for this amazing team"
  • "Why doesn't everyone know about this amazing school? We need to change this!"
  • "The Friday Assembly got me hooked on The Collett School - to see the children show so much respect for each other and pride in their achievements; high-fiving each other when they got certificates - fantastic!"