Who We Are and Our Roles

Hello, my name is Pam Stocks and I am the Head of School.

This means I lead the development of the teaching and learning and manage the school on a daily basis. I have always had a passion for working with children with special needs and enjoy being immersed in the classroom activities. I have oversight of the curriculum and the assessment of our pupils, working closely with department leaders and teachers in the classroom. With the Executive Headteacher, Stephen, I evaluate our strengths, plan and implement developments for our provision. I also meet regularly with parents and governors to benchmark what we do, to ensure the best for each and every child.

Hello! I am Stephen Hoult-Allen and I have the great pleasure in being the Executive Headteacher

of The Collett School, St Luke's School (LD primary and Secondary school in Redbourn) and Forest House Education Centre (hospital school in Radlett). My role, across three schools is about strategic leadership and ensuring high standards across the association.

The Collett School is unique, with an almost tangible ethos of respect, hard work and happiness. We love difference and celebrate our individuality from early years to adulthood, knowing we all have rights and the responsibility to take an active role in the school and our wider community. It is our passion for making a difference that ensures the adults do their very best in supporting each child to learn, grow, achieve and thrive at The Collett School.

We are open, transparent, keen to learn ourselves as well as support others with the knowledge, skills and expertise that we continue to develop. We believe in the children, their families and ourselves and from these respectful relationships and hard work, I hope you too will see The Collett School as the 'very special' school it is.

Leading teams of dedicated adults and children

Across all three schools in the Association, there are leaders of aspects of learning, including those with responsibilities for what we teach, how we learn and how we keep everyone as safe as possible. These teams support sensory needs, academic interventions, active minds and bodies, speech, language and communication needs; all seeking to help the individual child grow independence. We also work collaboratively with many organisations outside the school gates - businesses, colleges, social groups, activity centres and potential employers of our children. Matching our curriculum to the needs of the changing C21st century means we are determined to improve the employment chances of our children with the right skills and information for different and personalised adult pathways.

With leadership comes learning - evaluating, reflecting and making informed changes. Listening to our children through the many aspects of Pupil Voice guides our strengthening of systems and creation of opportunities to help all our community flourish.

Find Out More About Our School

Listen to Mr Hoult-Allen explain a little bit more about our wonderful school: