Summer 2018

Using Football to Develop Social Skills

Every day at 2pm, a group of pupils have the opportunity to take part in a football session on our new all weather pitch. With the support of the adults in The Hive, they have been learning the rules, working as a team and giving each other instructions.

Sensory Interventions Lead Anu Gray said: "This has been a great incentive for many of the pupils to work hard during the day to earn this session."

Spring 2018

Sensory Play and Interaction Group

The session includes stage one of attention autism, Intensive Interaction and opportunities for sensory exploration.

The group promotes communication and interaction through the use of PECS (Pictoral Exchange Communication System), spoken word and Makaton. The sessions are structured using a visual timetable to give a clear order of what to expect in the sessions.

This week, as always, we start with the attention bucket to promote interaction, eye contact and speech. Following this, the pupils enjoyed the sensory experience of a lavender scented foot spa. The participants are then given the opportunity to explore many different sensory experiences whilst developing their independence and simultaneously collaborating with their peers.