Parents' Evenings about Post-16

Join us for relaxed, but informative meetings with members of colleges to share information regarding Post-16, options available, and how to apply. Meetings will be arranged in summer term, 2019.

All welcome to either or both events! Refreshments provided.

Transition Morning for Current & New Pupils

Monday 22nd July 2019 is the transition morning for current and new pupils.

New pupils will be in school from 9.30am with parents/carers. The pupils will go to class till playtime. After play they will invite their parents/carers into class till 11.30am.

Parents/carers will have an opportunity to network, ask questions, hear about the PTA, see the dinner menu, meet the office staff and any other relevant matters.

Our Outcomes Lead, Mrs Wells, will be providing a transition booklet for all new pupils and teachers will provide a short information leaflet relevant to their class only.

Starting at The Collett School?

Are you joining the school?
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Planning for Post-16?

Considering Options Post-16?
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Transitions In and Around the School Day

Transitions to and from school
  • We have reduced some of the safeguarding issues with transport and parking around pick-up and drop-off times by changing the end of the school day time, to reduce congestion and heightened frictions at this time.
  • We currently manage transport by using the school playground; something we intend to change in the near future.
  • 70% of our pupils use local authority provided transport to access school. The majority of other pupils are driven to school, with a minority walking, cycling or using public transport.
  • Children with high anxieties around transition to and from school have bespoke programmes of support and resources to reduce these wherever possible.

Transitions during the school day
  • Most unnecessary transitions have been removed from the school day (for example moving between 8 teachers and rooms for lessons).
  • All those transitions that are required are supported for the children to develop the confidence and reduced anxiety levels to do these independently wherever possible.

Collett is looking to work with the University of Newcastle and the North East NHS trust in the creation of a Sensory Needs Simulator for children and adults with complex anxieties.