What is Travel Training?

Due to our pupils' complex learning disabilities, it is paramount to lay foundations for practical training. The learning is often gradual, requiring over-learning and taking time for the skills to be consistently applied, routine, whilst also supporting our young people to cope with unplanned change.

The facilitation of Travel Training requires a very high staff:pupil ratio and the school will often buy in additional TA support to release known adults to support Travel Training during school hours and differentiate effectively.

The intention of Travel Training is to support the individual access transport with greater independence and understanding for their childhood and adulthood.

Qualified trainers lead the provision for Travel Training at The Collett School and staff work to follow the County Guidance on developing children's abilities in the steps of the training.

We undertake Travel Training throughout the school, from Reception class to Post-16 in age-appropriate ways.

Travel Training at The Collett School

  • Crossing the roads and understanding how to keep safe
  • Planning an activity/journey
  • Planning bus routes
  • Considering changes and alterations
  • Obtaining a bus pass
  • Checking fairs and money required for activity
  • Considering the variables - eg. weather and clothing required, days of the week and the impact this has on timetables
  • Supported travel
  • Independent travel
  • Group training and leadership
  • Group travel
  • Safeguarding training
  • Mopeds and bicycle training and proficiency support
  • Incorporation of travel training into existing school activities - some pupils travelling by public transport whereas others go in school minibuses/coaches etc.