Raising Expectations

Effective education has the power to transform the lives of children and young people with learning disabilities, to help them reach goals and to raise expectations for their future.

We don't particularly like the term 'reaching potential' as we know our brains continue to form develop through our early twenties and how would we know what a young person's 'potential' is at school age - we're about aspiration, not limitations.

Our values are reflected by our commitment to educational support for each individual. We also value the vital role that parents and carers play in supporting young people to develop skills, acquire knowledge and make decisions about their future lives. We are committed therefore to ensuring that we work closely with our pupils' families and professional services to offer the best possible chance for thriving now and in the future.

The Values We Hold Dear


  • We challenge orthodoxies in teaching
  • We influence others through excellence, based on common-sense
  • We are creative in our thinking and flexible in our approaches
  • We listen
  • We keep growing
  • Worth

  • We engender self-esteem and pride with support for ongoing achievement
  • We celebrate difference
  • We embrace that which is ‘special’
  • We enable opportunities for children to feel a high degree of pride
  • Happiness

  • We exude a zest for life
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We know we have support from each other
  • Independence

  • We support internal rewards, from which to take on new challenges
  • Building trustful relationships and enable children to feel safe
  • We enable children to enquire and develop own interests
  • We communicate pride in difference and uniqueness
  • Respect

  • We work together
  • We build relationships and respect through communication
  • We have humility
  • We engender a family spirit
  • How We Value Our Pupils

    Children and young people with Learning Disabilities are always central to that we do at The Collett School.

    We Value Difference – we value difference and encourage the development of individual character along with supporting individuals with strategies to effectively manage challenges in our mainstream world.
    We work hard to develop personalized solutions for the young people we work with.
    We Are Ambitious – for every child and adult in our school community. We invest in our staff team to make sure our work has the biggest impact on children and young people.
    We are Team Players – in how we work within school and with our wide partnerships in order to support our children as best we can.
    We are Learning and Open to Ideas – Parents and Carers are usually the experts in their child's needs and support the school in developing a provision that works here and at home.
    We Are Experts – We too believe in the talent of our staff and bring this expertise together as an organisation to challenge the barriers our children and young people face.