Learning Groups

Children work in Learning Groups, where for the majority of the week, they work with the same group, with similar abilities but which span different Year Groups. Some parts of the week, the pupils will work with extended groups in subjects like PE, Swimming and college transition days, form smaller groups for some examination subjects, reading and sensory activities.

Groups are formed of 10 to 12 pupils with a teacher and one/two or sometimes three Teaching Assistants who support children with their communication and learning. Within the home room, most subjects are taught, though teachers use the outside environment effectively for learning and regularly take children out on short and long excursions - to make abstract learning more concrete, experiential and engaging. Functional Skills are evident throughout all our teaching - helping make things 'real' improves understanding, skills and the application of skills easier. We like to keep things transparent at The Collett - hopping on a bus into town to buy ingredients to cook with is called 'shopping' at The Collett School, not a 'Geography Field Trip'.

Class News

Curriculum Subjects

The National Curriculum entitlement is offered to all pupils at The Collett School. In doing so, the school's curriculum is broad and has the capacity for depth in areas of learning that are most needed by our pupils as a result of their cognitive disabilities. Much of what our children are taught seeks to secure functional and practical skills. Over-learning in key areas supports the retention of knowledge and understanding at a level the child can access. A wide range of subjects are covered through carefully differentiated and age-appropriate teaching, making links across the curriculum.

The Collett School curriculum includes work-related learning, experience of extra-curricular activities, local and further afield trips as well as residential activity-focused opportunities, for each child.

Collett Curriculum

Learning Interventions

Learning Interventions at The Collett School include:

  • Academic Interventions
  • Sensory Needs Interventions
  • Behaviour Interventions
  • Speech and Language Interventions