Word Finding

Children who have difficulties in this area may:

+ Have difficulty relating words to actions
+ Have difficulty naming everyday items or familiar people/places
+ Have difficulty using age-appropriate vocabulary
+ A tendency to substitute words that have a similar meaning (cup/mug)
+ Have kinaesthetic strengths and learn better through practical experiences
+ Have visual strengths and enjoy learning through using visual materials

Activities to develop word finding skills:

Action songs - Naming body parts

Labelled pictures - Draw a person, animal etc. then name the different parts.

What am I doing? - Name specific actions (clapping, hopping..)

Miming - One pupil chooses a picture of an everyday object, then mimes how it is used for others to guess and name.

People who work for us - Look at some pictorial or real objects, then guess who might use them and name their job.

Links - Pupils collect pictorial or word pairs that have semantic links (knife/fork, salt/pepper).

Word for the day - A concept word with pictures and written form - check their understanding through the day.