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Protective Behaviours


To name and label feelings using the zones of regulation programme

Feeling safe

Levels of safety on a scale. Different situations and feeling safe.

Early warning signs

How our body reacts, looks and feels when we feel unsafe, scared, frightened.

My Network

In order to feel safe we need a select group of people we can go to and they can help us when we need help. 

Personal Space

How to respect the boundaries of others. The importance of personal space in various situations.

Touch and my body





Discuss good and uncomfortable touches. How people may not want to be touched (recap on personal space) Where is it okay to be touched and where it is not appropriate. Learn to say no.

Sharing and Being a good friend online

What does sharing mean? Examples of what can be shared via the phone or internet, on social media. Positives and negatives of sharing information and photographs. Positive and negative sharing.

Sharing nudes (consult with Safeguarding lead, class teacher and information from mum before pitching the session)

What does it mean sharing? Recap on good sharing and not good sharing. Why would someone share a nude picture? What happens to the photograph once it has been

shared? Consequences.