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Teaching about Transitions

Our curriculum at each school heavily invests in teaching time about pupils and moving on to the next thing.  Often called 'transitions' the term covers many aspects of moving between learning and social environments, physically or remotely. 

For many of our pupils, this is very difficult.

We have many transitions during an average day. These include moving from learning to play environments, moving from an activity to another in class, arriving and leaving school at the beginnings and ends of days.  Some of our pupils access particular sensory programmes (including Rebound Therapy) to help with regulation and self-regulation needs.  Some pupils have 1:1 discussions and routines to help them settle into school every morning - using PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and others visit the animals to help with their anxieties.

For many parents/carers, one of the highest anxiety raising transitions is that of leaving school at 16yrs and moving to college/work placements.  For 2021/22 we will be working closely with Transitions UK to further support all our pupils and particularly those who currently access the Pupil Premium Grant as well as discuss this through school sessions from Year 9 onwards.

Although Covid was a challenge to supporting physical visits to college, much was undertaken virtually during 2020/21.  Going forward, it is important for our pupils and their families that we access college and places of work.

Developing a positive sense of the workplace is important to our pupils and much work is undertaken in our curriculum about work-related learning.  Notably, we are striving to have real-life work opportunities on site to support our children access this essential aspect of transitioning to adulthood with increased awareness.

More information can be discussed with your child's particular needs with our Transitions Coordinator: Mrs Jacqui Roper (Collett and St Luke's) or with the Connexions advisor at FHEC.


Transitions UK

More information on Transitions UK is found here:

Transitions UK will be working with our Year 11 pupils (13 of whom will be accessing Pupil Premium Grant, which is partially funding this programme.)  The work Transitions UK will undertake at St Luke's and Collett will provide additional transitions support for the young people moving to college.  Returning to school one afternoon a week for sessions will supports the bridging of the placements - supporting peer relationships and enabling the young people to more effectively transition to adulthood.