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Work Experience

The Collett School Strategic Development of Pupils' Employment and Work

Lower School

  • Learning about people who do different jobs
  • Role play
  • Learning about time - future and history

Middle School

  • Learning about careers and types of employment
  • Embarking on self evaluation
  • Being taught about jobs and careers
  • Travel training
  • Time and relevance to the individual and others
  • PSD - personal presentation and hygiene
  • Transferable communication skills and how we communicate to different people in different roles
  • Societal expectations

Upper School

  • Visiting a range of organisations to experience where people work to broaden their understanding of types of work and places of work
  • Experiencing work
  • Making decisions on types of work and careers that interest them
  • Reflection on skills and refinement of thinking through CV writing to present themselves effectively
  • Creating a portfolio of skills and business enterprise activities to take to interviews
  • Researching jobs and careers e.g. college placements, job centre visits, job searches
  • Mock interviews with professionals
  • Completing CVs
  • Money, salaries, banking and expenditure
  • Learning about tax, insurances, bills, credit and debit
  • Travel training