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SPEECH, LANGUAGE and COMMUNICATION skills underpin all areas of a pupil’s development both in and out of school.  It is therefore important to recognise that speech, language and communication should be given a high profile within all environments to maximise opportunities for communication.  All adults who interact with children have a role in supporting and extending speech, language and communication through responsive interactions.

A number of pupils across the school use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to help them initiate and develop their independent communication skills.  Timetables and written classroom signs are supplemented by the use of symbols to reinforce language and support reading skills.  To help reinforce meaning and provide a further level of visual support, staff also use Makaton sign language.  Symbol lanyards are used by children who struggle to effectively communicate when emotionally dysregulated.

The Collett School also benefits from specialist NHS Speech and Language Therapists, who work with both pupils and staff to meet the needs of pupils with a Speech, Language and Communication Need identified on their EHCP.