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Services for Young People

Here at The Collett School we work closely with Services for Young People (was called Youth Connexions) from year 9 onwards to help guide our young people towards adulthood and the world of work.

Services for Young People is part of Hertfordshire County Council. Its personal advisers and youth workers are professionally trained to provide the highest level of support and work closely with partners to provide counselling, mentoring or access to other services.

It has a wide range of youth work projects across the county in which young people are encouraged to get involved.  Through these projects they meet new people, learn new skills and take part in challenging opportunities.  They are encouraged to develop their personal and social skills by taking part in activities including sports, drama, dance, music, workshops, outdoor education, DofE, forums, residentials and volunteering.

SYP can help young people with the issues that are important to them such as jobs, careers and education, relationships, sexual health, confidence, self-esteem, substance misuse, staying safe, housing and independent living skills.

Services for Young People working with Year 9 and Year 11

Services for Young People (SfYP) Personal Advisers (PA’s) will be visiting our year 9 students in school to start chatting to the young people about their interests and aspirations for the future. The Personal Advisers are professionally trained and fully DBS checked to provide the highest level of support to young people with SEN and are very well known to the Blue Tangerine Federation of schools.

During the short informal session in Year 9 a 'Preparing for Adulthood ' transition plan, known as a PfA is created outlining all the possible options young people and their families may want to start exploring based on the discussions with the pupil, to support their transition from school to college post 16.

The PfA guidance is revisited in Year 11 prior to the final Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) meeting to identify the potential destination for the students post 16 and an action plan is created. Parents views are also collated at the EHCP meeting to add to the PfA transition plan.

It is a statutory requirement in Year 9 and Year 11 for the students to have Services for Young People attend their Education, Health and Care Plan reviews and for the Personal advisers to write the Preparing for Adulthood Transition Plan. Having the voice of the pupil is paramount in the plan and it is important the pupil gets the impartial advice and guidance provided by SfYP. The pupils will be asked to sign a data protection form to say they are happy for the Personal Advisers to share their PfA views with their family and the school.

Personal Advisers work closely with the family to ensure the pupils have a robust transition plan which will be an appendices to the EHCP in Year 11.

The school Personal Advisers are Beverly Greenfield and Nicole Chater. If any parents would like to speak with the Personal Advisers prior to the meeting they can email them on and