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Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is a world where people with learning disabilities and mental health "thrive".

Our Mission is to Promote the Abilities in Disability within our immediate, local and wider communities in order that our vision is realised.

Our Capital Improvements and Development Overview:

The Blue Tangerine Federation Five Year Vision

We will engage our communities in embracing 'difference', valuing individuals' worth and ensuring our pupils continue to build self-esteem and self-belief. We provide a safe learning environment to enable all pupils to grow and develop, with a commitment to providing opportunities that increase independence for every individual.

We plan to achieve this by:

  •  Continuing to develop independence skills for future living
  •  Fostering good relationships based on trust and mutual respect
  •  Developing personal and moral values and interpersonal skills
  •  Providing a happy and well-ordered environment
  •  Giving opportunities for life-long learning
  •  Creating a broad, balanced and enriched learning environment for all
  •  Ensuring effective links between home and school
  •  Valuing and supporting individuals
  •  Maximising everyone’s talents
  •  Having high expectations of all
  •  Celebrating achievements
  •  Appreciating individual aspirations and achievements
  •  Taking an active part in the life of the school and the wider community
  •  Respecting others' cultural and religious beliefs

The ethos of our schools is born out of our values:

Deep Learning

  •  We challenge orthodoxies in teaching
  •  We influence others through excellence, based on common-sense
  •  We are creative in our thinking and flexible in our approaches
  •  We listen to individuals' values, interests and needs to support deeper learning
  •  We teach what is needed to be learnt


  •  We engender self-esteem and pride with support for ongoing achievement
  •  We celebrate difference
  •  We embrace that which is ‘special’
  •  We enable opportunities for our young people to feel a high degree of pride


  •  We exude a zest for life
  •  We learn from our mistakes
  •  We know we have support from each other


  •  We support internal rewards, from which to take on new challenges
  •  Building trustful relationships and enable each person to feel safe
  •  We enable our young people to enquire and develop own interests
  •  We communicate pride in difference and uniqueness


  •  We work together
  •  We build relationships and respect through communication
  •  We have humility
  •  We engender a family spirit


  •  We support young people to keep learning beyond barriers
  •  We learn to fail in order to learn how to succeed
  •  We believe in our worth, values and importance to keep going

Our Federation of Schools - Who We Are and What We Stand For

Our Federation consists of cross phase Hertfordshire special needs schools, keen to demonstrate that school to school collaborative practice can create exceptionally successful learning communities.

Our Core Purpose
Our core purpose is to support the creation of unique and remarkable schools that collaborate effectively through an ambitious attitude to learning, self-improvement and high standards.

Ten Key Features of The Blue Tangerine Federation:

1. Core Values: ‘deep learning’, ‘worth’, ‘happiness’, ‘independence’ and ‘respect’

2. Learners, despite social background, academic starting point or vulnerability, are supported and challenged to make progress and achieve relevant knowledge and skills to equip them through childhood into adulthood.

3. Leadership shapes the culture, the strategic direction and the climate of our schools. They inspire colleagues. They are highly visible. They distribute leadership effectively and empower colleagues to innovate. They assess impact accurately and hold colleagues to account in an emotionally mature way.They are learners and seek regular feedback on the effectiveness of the leadership from pupils, staff and parents.

4. Curriculum: We create a fluid response to the changing needs of cohorts, transitioning seamlessly through key stages. We prepare learners to thrive in the mainstream adult world by effective teaching of appropriate knowledge and skills through diverse opportunities.

5. Quality Teaching; our teachers design learning. They are experts in planning lessons with clear purpose to ensure that every learner can problem solve, work independently and in teams, create new things, demonstrate what they have learnt, reflect on how to do even better.

6. Climate for learning; a climate to flourish in. Learners feel safe, are rewarded for effort, achievement, attendance and positive behaviours. They respect and contribute to our communities positively.

7. Staff welfare & professional development is evident through our people being able to change lives. Their work-life balance is improving with dedicated time to work collaboratively. Their professional development is paramount and stems from self-reflection and CPD and effective teamwork. We seek to identify talent and enrich this.

8. Parents are actively involved in the school. They are key partners in supporting their child’s learning. We communicate effectively with them and encourage them to visit school regularly to discuss their child’s learning and to see them exhibit their learning and work.

9. Data is used across the association to gather appropriate information so as to systematically and accurately inform learning development for pupil and staff learners as well as maximise efficiencies.

10. School effectiveness; each school is cost effective, links successfully to shared service developments and are legally compliant in all aspects including safeguarding.